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Hi, it’s me!

I am a person who enjoys developing great and fancy software synergized with BT. I have worked in diverse IT+BT research organizations using MATLAB, Visual C++ MFC, ImageJ, ect. and other related R&D projects. I have arranged last projects that I liked, so click on the thumbnails to see it! Would you like to talk something with me? Reach out to me via social media or email!

Sophomore who pursues IT industry synergized with BT

I’m a prospective graduate in Computer Science with a passion for the IT industry synergized with BT. I have recognized the importance of ability to work on the international stage from learning various foreign languages, understanding a diversity of cultures since I was responsible for international students’ mentor. I managed to communicate with students from all around the world. My job experience, while short, shows that I learn quickly and I’m a team player. I worked as an intern for Hanyang University Medical Center and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. I was in charge of biological computing for analysis of biodata. I worked as a security policeman for 2 years as military duty at Jungnang National Sewage Treatment Center. These jobs taught me a lot: to understand & be responsive to people from various fields and also always be prepared, proactive and work well with other people.

In 2016, I was conferred the title of “Outstanding Mentor for Global Students in Hanyang Univ.” and “AMORE PACIFIC Corp. Natural Shampoo Marketing Excellence Prize”. I served as 1st Period Journalistic Activitist for internationally recognized NGO, “Green Asia Network” and networked with domestic IT-engaged executive, Youngho Lee from Korea Student Aid Foundation and foreign IT Corp. President, Thomas Geyer from Vector Korea IT Corp. I’m not just an ordinary job-seeker. I’m a jobseeker who loves challenges and learning new things every day. This is what I do best. I’m looking to join an organization that views excellence in IT service synergized with BT as a competitive advantage.



Recent Projects.


Trendy Exp.

I can say I’m quite good at,

I believe that sincere creative IT results come from convergence and new challenges in global environment, so I additionally tried to socialize with international colleagues and other convergence activities with passionately working on engineering research and personal computing projects.
03. 7 Languages and Other Diverse Skills.

In addition to computing skills, I have good foreign language skills to be ready for challenges, relationships, and career on the global network. English is quite fluent certified with TOEIC, TOEFL, and GRE supervised by ETS.

German is available in level C1 with TestDaF, 4/4/4/4 supervised by TestDaF Institute – TestDaF Institut.

Korean is my mother tongue.

Skilled French with DALF C2 – Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française supervised by CIEP – Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques.

Skillful Spanish with DELE C2 – Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera issued by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

Driving License *Manual & Automatic Available, 12 Tons of Lorry Possible, International Driving Permit Class B
I’m one of alumni of Hanyang Startup Academy and worked in IT Startup Club.
I’m further interested in marketing my development results, so I dealt with industry-university cooperation marketing project by AMORE PACIFIC Corp. and became entitled to Competition Excellence Award.
I also learned global soft-skills by having been in charge of mentor for international students in Hanyang University, winning Excellent International Mentor Award.
I also have worked as volunteer in Mongolia, Bulgan, ENKHTAVIAN and India, BPS University.


Creativity-driven coding.

Interdisciplinary Research Projects
My Computer Science Projects
Available Languages
Algorithm, AI & Machine Learning (C/C++, Python) 50%
OS (Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), OS X) 30%
Computer Vision (Qt, MFC, Visual Studio, ImageJ, Voxar 3D, Photoshop/Illlustrator) 55%
Statistical/Numerical Computing (R/RStudio, MATLAB, IBM SPSS Statistics) 45%
Web & Application Computing (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Angular/Bootstrap, PHP/Node.js/Express/AWS, MySQL/MongoDB, X-code/Swift, CoffeeScript/Framer, WordPress/Wix) 65%
Version Control (Git/GitHub) 50%
Foreign Language (Korean, English, German, Japanese, Chinese) 80%
Soft Skills (Highly-Motivated, Team Player, Open to Criticism, Stress-Resistant) 100%


Former employers’ recommendation.

There are several testimonials from my former employers or directors, explaining diverse aspects from different organizations such as university medical center, research institute, IT corp., international NGO etc.

“He distinguished himself as a competent, and diligent young researcher…proactively mapping out study concept and design…excelled in interpersonal research skills…efficiently express research structure…excellent data-analysis and organizing skills…good skills in drafting thesis manuscripts.” 

Download printable letter of recommendation

Han Woong Lim, MD, Ph.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Service, Hanyang University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

“He passionately and pro-actively worked on opportunities…persistent and goal-oriented mindset…sure he will fulfill education aspiration…He lived in a multi-cultural environment…I believe that Mr. Hong is well prepared for studies of the IT industry abroad…sure that he persistently will follow his educational goals.”

Download printable letter of recommendation

Thomas Geyer, Vector Korea IT Corp., President

“Recognized his sincere conviction…sustainable green-tech-pursuing IT engineer…stress-tolerant although fastidious…reliable…managed multifarious foreign languages…responsible…I assure…he’s qualified enough to practically materialize self-sparking scientifically inquiring mind engaging in IT industry and academic world.”

Download printable letter of recommendation

Dong Hyung Lee, Public Relations Dept. Director, Green Asia Network International NGO, Seoul, Korea

“Open minded, well-informed, ready for discussion, and accurate will be the keyword that I can think of Sukwoo…determined to ‘make things happen’…surprised at his level of persistence in finding out programming solutions…ability to get access to problems logically on his feet…uncanny ability to synthesize concepts…his flexibility made us to pleasurably work with him.”

Download printable letter of recommendation

Prof. HyungJoon Cho, Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, Head of Biomedical Imaging Science and Engineering Lab., School of Nano-Bioscience and Chemical Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

“He was one of my top students…creative problem solving and working with a team of 12 other international students…writing research based publication, communication, cultural understanding and creating potcasts to share ideas…demonstrate the ability to communicate in a method that everyone can understand regardless of race and culture…dedicated…perseverance…”

Download printable letter of recommendation

Associate Prof. Todd Lee Doyle, Hanyang University, College English Education Committee, Center for Creative Convergence Education



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